We hope that we will be able to make your experience
as easy as possible. The SAFE Program staff
understands that what has brought you here is a very
unique and difficult situation. We truly empathize with
everyone involved, however, our main focus is the
well-being of your child.  

The Programs provide neutral, trained staff to help
ensure that positive visits occur.  The Program does
not advocate for one side or the other and all decisions
are based on the best interest of the child.  We have no
authority to "enforce" your order, and any problems or
concerns you have in that area should be discussed
with your attorney.

We document and record factual observations as it
pertains to visitation periods.

We do not make recommendations to the court
nor do we determine the length of time parties
participate in the program.

We do reserve the right to suspend or terminate
services for refusal to comply with the Program rules.
SAFE Supervised Visitation Program
Please click on the appropriate link and
fill out the forms PRIOR to your intake
Visit fees are $60.00 per month to be paid by the visiting party
unless court order states otherwise. These fees are due the
1st visit of each month.